Our director and teachers are the heart of our school. They are educated, experienced and always striving to be sure they are current with early childhood education trends. All of our teachers work very closely with our students’ parents and communicate regularly to ensure our program is working optimally for everyone. Each of our teachers takes great joy in helping the children to start on the right track of a lifelong love of learning.


Gail Nemoy

Gail is a passionate educator and has been working in the field of early childhood education for thirty years. She joined NCNS in 2008 and has brought her many years of experience in both teaching and curriculum development to the NCNS program. She is currently a member of NAEYC (National Association of the Education of Young Children). Gail holds a BA in Child Development/Early Childhood Education.

Before working as a Director and Educator, Gail was a Child Life Therapist at Illinois Masonic Medical Center where she ran activities for the inpatient pediatric unit. Gail did developmental assessments on children age birth to 5 years old.

Gail is primarily responsible for maintaining the active practice of the philosophy of NCNS and the operational necessities of teaching. She works with the teachers, training and orienting them and aiding in problems that arise. She leads weekly staff meetings and attends the meetings of the North Shore Early Childhood Council. She monitors the professional growth requirements of the teachers. She directs the setting up and taking down of equipment. The Director also works with the parents, planning orientation programs, dealing with individual parents and their children, and showing the School to prospective families. The Director is also a member of the Board of Directors of the School and acts as a liaison between the staff and the Board.


NCNS has a highly qualified and dedicated staff of teachers. The staff attends a variety of seminars and workshops throughout the year to remain current with early childhood education trends and practices. All teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Jennifer Brunzell
Jennifer began teaching at NCNS in 2008 as a Lunch Bunch teacher. In 2010, Jennifer also began co-teaching in our pre-school classroom. Jennifer holds a B.A degree in Sociology and has several years of experience as a pre-school teacher.



Julie Chandler
Julie came to NCNS with recent experience as an Early Childhood Teacher in the classroom. Julie has a masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology, with many years of experience providing speech and language services for children ages three to eight in our local school districts. Julie also comes to NCNS with recent experience as an Early Childhood Teacher in the classroom.


Julie Crowe
Julie Crowe started teaching at NCNS in 1995 as our Lunch Bunch teacher and a classroom substitute teacher. In 2005 Julie transitioned to a classroom co-teacher and has since taught both 3 year old and 4 year old Pre-K classes.

Julie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University. Julie’s two children are both NCNS graduates.

Mary Ann Diaz
Mary Ann Diaz joined our NCNS staff in 2014 as a classroom teacher. Mary Ann earned a degree in Elementary Education from Marquette University. All three of Mary Ann’s children attended NCNS and she was an active member of the NCNS board of directors for several years. With her children in school all day, Mary Ann returned to the classroom herself as a teacher.


Rosemary Johnson
Rosemary Johnson joined our staff in 2015 as a classroom teacher.  Rosemary has a B.S in Architectural Studies as well as a M.S. in Education and Curriculum Development.  Along with this, Rosemary has taken several courses in Early Childhood Education.  Rosemary has over ten years of experience working in a preschool setting. 


Lynn Leviton
Lynn Leviton joined NCNS in 2017 as a classroom teacher. Prior to moving to Northbrook, Lynn taught for 17 years at a NAEYC-accredited preschool in the North Shore. She has experience teaching preschool students of all ages, and holds a B.S. in elementary education from Arizona State University.


Beth Lome
Beth Lome joined our staff in 2015 as a classroom teacher.  Beth holds both a B.A. as well as a M.S. in Speech and Hearing Impaired with a concentration in Education of the Hearing Impaired.  Beth also has taken various courses in Early Childhood Education.  After teaching for several years, Beth took some time off to stay home and raise her own children.  Now that they are a little older, Beth has resumed her teaching career.


Helaine Schreiber
Helaine Schreiber began teaching at NCNS in 1999. Before coming to NCNS, Helaine taught preschool in Evanston. During her teaching career at NCNS, she has taught all age groups, including Parent/Tot, Early 3’s, 3 year olds, 4 year old Pre-K as well as a mixed age group class.

Helaine graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A. in English and a minor in Education. Recently, she completed a program of 21 credit hours that culminated with a degree in Early Childhood Education: Administration.