The Nursery School is managed by a volunteer parent Board of Directors. The Board’s importance to the School is paramount. It formulates policy, draws up the budget, arranges registration, submits contracts to the teachers, runs the School’s fundraising events and works closely with the director on all matters pertaining to the school.

Serving on the board is a rewarding experience on many levels as it provides an opportunity to guide your child’s education, serve the community, as well as establish strong bonds with fellow parents. It is a commitment well worth the effort and includes a lot of fun and lifelong friendships.

The duties and responsibilities of each board member include the assigned duties for the particular Board position or committee, the solicitation of gifts or funds for the school, promotion of the school and school events, planning and execution of school events and supporting the Director and other board members. The board meets monthly except for the month of July. Board members generally serve 2-3 year terms and are slated to serve in a position from June until June each year. If you are interested in joining the parent board, please feel free to complete the prospective Board Member Questionnaire or contact the Board President at

[box size=”medium”]Description of Board Positions[/box]

Executive Committee Positions
The Executive Committee meets monthly or as needed to prepare the budget, set policy, review long-term plans, hire staff and manage business affairs of school.

President – Conducts all monthly meetings, appoints and serves on all special Board Committees and makes decisions and guiding policy as needed. Serves as liaison with landlord, secures insurance, oversees all Executive Committee positions and Special Programs Chair and works closely with Director on all current and future issues.

Vice President/President Elect – This position will ultimately step up to the Presidency in the next year (term). Duties include taking over the Presidency when necessary. The VP may also be called upon to run a board meeting or other meetings in the absence of the President or where help is needed. The Vice President oversees all non-executive positions. The Vice President will also perform other duties as requested by the President.

Treasurer Receivables – Collects and deposits all monies for the school. This includes money from tuition and events. Maintains class fees tracking database and communicates with families regarding fee payments. Preference for strong math skills and attention to detail. The time required varies month to month depending if there is a payment deadline, two hours a week during normal months up to 15 hours for one week during fee collection.

Treasurer Accounts Payable – Responsible for cutting checks to pay expenses of the school, maintaining financial information, creating monthly financial statements, preparing the annual budget, providing financial input for class fees and salary setting, coordinating the annual audit and investing excess funds. Requires knowledge of accounting, financial statements, journal entries and financial analysis. A CPA designation is helpful. The school uses Quickbooks and Microsoft Excel to maintain and report financial information. Strong computer skills are important. Time commitment is about 15-20 hours per month.

Secretary/Office Administrator – Manages the administrative areas for the school, including the communications between the school and the families, taking minutes at the monthly Board meetings, managing the database of students and corresponding class lists, preparing annual Summer Mailer with all student and school information, publishing “The Line” school directory and supporting the Director and Board members with office-related materials. Key skills include strong organizational abilities, strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and ideally Microsoft Access. Key timing requirements: September-prepare Car Pool Sheets/Class Lists/The Line, December and January enter students in database, June/July/early August – preparation/distribution of Summer Mailer.

Personnel – Handle monthly payroll for NCNS staff (working with an outside payroll company) including flexible spending, 403(B), and other benefit issues; prepare annual teacher contracts; assist with hiring new staff if needed; work with director and/or other board members on personnel issues as appropriate and plan August and June luncheons for staff and board members. Basic understanding of benefits matters helpful. Time commitment varies: approximately 20 hours to set up payroll and benefit matters for new school year, approximately 3 hours per month after that, more if an issue arises.

Enrollment Chairperson – Responsible for any functions related to the registration and enrollment of students throughout the year. Creates registration material and sends it out to all families that request information. Creates and maintains an enrollment registrar and sibling list. Attend Open House in the fall; work closely with the Director on matters related to enrollment; attend the Hello Visits in the beginning of the year and collects and tracks the forms from the families; responsible for the student handbook; answers telephone calls received at NCNS during the summer months. Time commitment: 5 to 8 hours per month, 20 to 25 hours during enrollment (December and January).

[box size=”medium”]Other Board Positions[/box]

Office Administrator Assistant – Assists Office Administrator in above duties and prepares to become Office Administrator the following year. This position involves note taking, creating reports of every meetings minutes, creating/updating sign in and out logs, updating the log of books the school owns, and helping with school events and with other board positions as asked. The amount of time spent a month in this position is an average of 10 hours.

Fundraising Chairs – Plan and coordinate all aspects of our fundraising events. This includes soliciting donations from area businesses, managing their committees, event planning (finding a venue, menu, entertainment, invitations), publicity, on site coordination and close out. Typically, one co-chair handles each event with a committee made up of four other board members and other parent volunteers. Time commitment: 20 hours per month with more hours before the event. (Two Positions)

Publicity – Promotes school business including enrollment, special activities and fundraising events. Responsibilities include designing and placing advertisements for the Northbrook Star, writing press releases for several community publications, creating bulletin boards and hanging flyers at local businesses. Time commitment is 6-8 hours per month, including board meetings.

Enrollment Assistant – Assists Enrollment Chair as needed including preparing car pool maps, assisting with mailings, calling prospective families. Enrolls Parent/Tot and Kindergarten enrichment. Attends Hello Visits to collect materials and fall Open House to recruit new families. Typically becomes Enrollment Chair the following year.

Equipment/Purchasing – Buys various supplies for the nursery school including paper and art supplies for the classrooms and buildings. Other responsibilities include ordering tote bags, ordering t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. for students and their families, and summer playground maintenance.

Parent Coordinator – Coordinates all family events at the school, other than fund raising events. Typically includes 4th of July Parade, Art Night in the spring, parent discussions, Moms’ Night Out and another fall or winter events. Also responsible for Room Parent recruitment and responsibilities. The Parent Coordinator plans all events, recruits volunteer help, and promotes the events. Time commitment- about 5 to 8 hours per month, with more hours required for planning Art Night.

Newsletter – Publishes monthly newsletter during the school year working closely with Director and Board President to communicate the schools activities, policies, and other articles of interest to the families and staff. Involves writing portions of newsletter as well as editing and formatting material submitted from other board positions, parents, the Director and staff.

Parent Coordinator Assistant – Assists Parent Coordinator with event planning. Responsible for recruiting and assisting Room Parents in coordinating class gifts, class projects, calling tree for school closings, letters to go to the classes, volunteers for fundraising & family events. Also recruits volunteers for Civic Foundation’s Northbrook Days Goldfish Bowl. Time commitment – 8 to 10 hours per month.

Enrichment Program Coordinator – Handles registration and promotion of music programs, Lunch Bunch, theater classes and any other extracurricular enrichment programs offered at the school. This includes preparing flyers and registration forms, collecting registration forms and payments, maintaining a registration database and contacting families as needed regarding the programs. Time commitment varies with increased hours during registration periods in August and December.

Web and email maintenance – Updates and maintains the website. Coordinates email communication for school events and notices. Manages Gmail account and school email accounts including adding and removing members. Good technical skills needed. About 8 to 10 hours per month.