Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be fully potty-trained to attend NCNS?

NO – Pull-ups are allowed at school to help kids that are still in the potty training process.

How is NCNS preparing my child for kindergarten?

Along with the Creative Curriculum, our teachers use the Handwriting without Tears program to give the children all the tools they need for kindergarten.

What are Co-Teachers?

Each classroom has 2 equal teachers working side by side who share in the planning of activities, children’s developmental assessments, and conducting parent/teacher conferences. Collectively our teachers have over 80 years experience teaching at NCNS.

What is the Teacher to Child Ratio?

NCNS has a maximum teacher to child ratio of 7:1 – much lower than the DCFS requirement of 10:1.

Are Scholarships available?

Yes, NCNS has need-based scholarships available.

Do you offer any programs to extend my child’s day?

YES – We offer a number of enrichment lunch bunch classes so that you can extend your child’s day with their classmates.

What is the cost for the programs you offer?

Our tuition and program information are included in the school year application and payment schedule on the Enrollment page.